Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Broccoli and the Mershroom

      Once upon a time in a far off universe there lived a glamorous purple broccoli named Petunia. Petunia loved to go to the beach to relax ignore the whole world.

Petunia the purple Broccoli

      Petunia could only stand so much reading till she got restless. Now wanting to get her freshly fluffed florets wet she decided to walk along the beach. While she was wandering the beach she noticed something in the distance. Now she had heard tales of magical creatures living in the water that were half fish and half mushroom, but she always believed them to be tales for children. There was no way such a thing could exist right? Well she found out that day that not only were they real, they were friendly too.

When Shroomie met Petunia

   Petunia introduced herself to the mershroom. She found out his name was Mervin and was excited to meet someone new. The two spent the rest of the day and into the night chatting. When the moon was high in the sky they started to tell each other spooky stories. Mervin told Petunia a tale of a land where mad creature put broccoli in bags and then put them into a weird oven sort of thing until they become soft. The worst part of all was that these strange creature would then eat the broccoli! Not to be outdone Petunia told Mervin a story about a land of strange giants. These giants loved nothing more than to put sliced up mushrooms and small little fish on dough with other things, shove it all in an oven, and then devour it. These giants called it pizza and it was a doughy circle of doom! After there horrified chills ended the spent the rest of the night staring at the stars, becoming the best of friends.

Stargazing and story telling

Broccoli Avatar: Belle Epoque* { RFL Broccoli }
Sunglasses: Glamistry - Sunglasses [PU2001]
Mershroom Avatar: (Polenth's Mushporium)*  Mershroomie Avatar

Picnic blanket & basket: [ARIA] Arlette picnic SET

* These lead to the booth at Fantasy Faire

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