Friday, April 28, 2017

Want to Play a Game?

You don't know me and that is probably a good thing. You see I am a bounty hunter, and not the kind that works for the human courts. I am a soul bounty hunter. What's that you may be asking. Well here is the deal, whenever someone says "I would sell my soul for whatever nonsense they are desiring", one of the many damned lawyers pops up here and strikes a deal. You may think that we wait till that person eats it to collect their souls, but we can be an impatient lot downstairs. So when it the time comes to pony up and you try to sneak away they call me. I got out and I get the job done. You know when you meet someone and think they have "soulless eyes", yeah that is our handy work. Anyway I try to find the fun in the job, so sometimes I offer a game. If they can beat me in a game of poker they get to keep their souls. SPOILER ALERT! They never win.

Lets play

Take this moron for instance. He agreed to play poker...with a demon. Did he honestly think he had a chance to win? I sometimes literally have an ace up my sleeve. I am a freaking bounty hunting demon, of course I don't play fair! Here is a helpful hint, don't offer you soul up for material things like this dude, no car is worth you soul. Oh and another one, if you are willing to sell it for something selfless, that isn't out bag and we kick it upstairs, your welcome. Now don't make me come after you!

I wore
Dress: *IO* Alvariel Gown -RFL- MAITREYA (@ 2017 Fantasy Faire)
Rings: l&e Bewitched magic rings A &B black
Horns: :[P]:- Skaris Horn (@ 2017 Fantasy Faire)
Hair:  /Wasabi Pills/ Marissa Mesh Hair
Head: CATWA HEAD Lona v2.12
Head Applier:  -Belleza- Jordan catwa Applier
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V4.1
Tattoo: -Endless Pain Tattoos- Raven (@ 2017 Fantasy Faire)
Eyes: Banana Banshee - Fae - Vivid (@ 2017 Fantasy Faire)

He wore
Shirt: ...Scars... Denim Shirt  A type [Navy Blue]
Bracelet: **RE** Aqvila Bracelet Male
Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Oliver hair [M] - Naturals II
Head: CATWA HEAD Daniel
Head Applier: Clef de Peau:Demian Head T5
Hands: Slink Hands - Dynamic - Male
Body: Slink Physique MALE Mesh Body
Pose: *CS* Full House (@ 2017 Pose Fair)

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