Sunday, April 23, 2017

Fantasy Faire and Me

I will start off by saying this is not my first Fantasy Faire to be blogging about. However this is the first year I have been more outgoing and frankly unafraid. Every creator, organizer, performer, you name it that I have encountered have been more than kind to the social awkwardness that is me. The first day I was finishing up some picture taking of the shopping sims before the Faire opened, being a blogger does have perks you know. All the sims are stunning and masterfully built. 

2017 Fantasy Faire - Fairelands

As I was dashing of my first post I was listening to the Fairelands radio stream. For a while there was a mini dance party happening on the deck of the Fayrchilde, the dragon ship on the Kakushi Pasu sim. I actually danced and interacted with people! After that I went walking the fairegrounds to Mudrana, where I realized I was a day early for an event, but still got to meet a wonderful storyteller. I stuck my foot in my mouth, but was luckily forgiven. I will claim exhaustion on that one.

The second day was a busy one! Pictures were taken and events were gone to. One of the events at the Faire this year that got my attention was Roleplay classes. It's something I have been interested in for a while now, but never knew where to start, or how to be a good roleplayer, so I thought. So I hit up the first roleplay class. It was quite informative and there were some roleplayers in the audience too!


That is me with the pink and white hair in case you were wondering. While I was at the class I met another roleplayer, by sticking my foot in my mouth...again. Noticing a pattern here? Anyway we got to talking and he was super helpful and while his avatar may have looked intimidating he wasn't. I am going to keep his name a secret because I don't want to ruin his street cred. Just look at this picture he was willing to take with me.

Phire and a Madman!

I finished off the day with a performance by the Misfit Dance and Performance Arts group. Okay if you have never seen them perform you need to see it. There were different sets and different music and different avatars dancing around. I took a bunch of pictures, but we would be here forever if I showed them all.

Misfit Dance and Performance Art

See what I mean about about adorable. They are sailors...and a pirate! There may have also been sheep, spies, mice and an amazing grand finale. Those are just a couple of days at the Fantasy Faire for me this year. I will have more to share as the days go on. For not I need to get back I don't want to miss the next roleplay class!

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