Wednesday, December 21, 2016

An Introduction

Once there was a man named Edward E. Scrooge, know as Eddie to his pals. Ladies however had other names for him and none all that flattering. You see Eddie was the type of guy to have a different woman on his arm each week. To say Eddie was a player would be putting it mildly.

Eddie's Ladies

One evening after Eddie had broken yet another heart, he returned home and was greeted by the ghost of his dead bro (and I don't mean the brotherly sort) Brooks. Brooks' ghost was covered in iron chains and attached to these chains were iron hearts. After Eddie got over his initial shock he asked Brooks, "What's with the chains man?". Brooks explained to Eddie that each heart dangling from the iron chain represented each heart he had ever broken. And lets be honest there were more than a few.

Brooks warned Eddie that his chain was already heavier and covered with more hearts than the one the bound Brooks to his own personal hell. Brooks explained, "There is still hope for you mate to avoid this horrendous fate! For on this night you will be visited by three spirits. If they can't change your path then you are totally screwed." Eddie thought the whole story sounded familiar but he couldn't quite place it. Eddie wasn't big on Christmas movies or reading for that matter. Before Eddie was able to get his thoughts around this whole deal Brooks had vanished into thin air. Eddie figured he had just been drinking too much that night, so he changed for bed and promptly passed out.

To be continued...

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