Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Binge Watching

I know I am not alone in having a show or twelve that I will happily binge watch. While I try to keep my late night binging to a minimum sometimes you just can't stop watching. This is when good battery life can come in handy.

Binge Watching

Sometimes you don't want to admit to something you may have binge watched, for instance, the first three Jaws movies.Hey the first is a classic and well the other two just sorta followed, don't judge. We all have binge skeletons in our closets. We stay up till all hours and before we know it the movie,season or series ends.

That's the season finale?!?!?

There are times when the endings are all we hoped for, they are the best. Then there are endings that leave you going WTF! I'm looking at you Sopranos! However you feel at the end of a binge session is just one of those things you won't know about until after you do it. So go forth my friends and binge. Oh and tell me what you are binging on because I am always use more stuff to watch.

Tights: -Pixicat- Fall.Tights - Roses (Collabor88)
Sweatshirt: -tres blah- Olsen Sweatshirt - Cest La Vie (Collabor88)
Hair: Exile:: Sidewinder (Collabor88)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara 
Head: CATWA HEAD Candy 
Head Applier: DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA Head "Merry" Mixedtype
Makeup Applier: Izzie's - Catwa - Applier Insomnia (TLC)
Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes (right) - Nymph
Couch with poses: :CP: Woodcutter Cosy Patterns 

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