Sunday, December 13, 2015

Jungle Protector

The jungle has always been protected by her watchful care. Many poachers have attempted to claim one of the animals in her care as a prize, none have been successful. Her days always start the same by checking on all the animals. It is simple because they live on a small island. After all the animals are accounted for her watch begins.

She carefully looks out across the land and into the sea looking for any approaching ships. They try to sneak onto the island but are always found be her and her fellow protectors. On occasion the interlopers will flee and leave behind items. That is hoe she obtained the boots that now protect her feet so well.

She also listens carefully to the sounds of the jungle. Some poachers are wising up to the vigilance of the island protectors and are dropping off men in the dark of night with plans to return to retrieve them and their prizes. They don't make it past the protectors. When she spots a group of them she sends a signal to the other protectors.
Giving the signal

To an outsider it may look like she is giving a signal to kill them to her fellow protectors, but that is not the case. You see they never kill. The just round up the poachers, bundle them together in a neat little package and leave them on the beach, or send them off in their boats. They have never seen the same poachers twice.



Photos taken at Makeahla Jungle

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