Monday, October 26, 2015

The Forgotten Corner

The Forgotten Corner

Here lies the forgotten corner of the attic. You know the spot where you put the furniture and such that is not in use. The stuff that will probably never be used but you can't see fit to get rid of it and let it go on to a new home. Yeah that corner. I finally went up to this ignored corner and found it infested, infested with imps! They seemed to have had themselves at home.
Budding Love?

That imp it appears has a thing for the creepy old doll that scares me too much to get rid of. She has haunted my nightmares since I ventured up there.

Next I spotted these to, um fellas? I think they may have been playing patty-cake or maybe they were about to fight. I have no idea and didn't bother finding out because I was distracted by a grunting noise.
Rude little Imp!

I looked down to see an imp in the process of giving his opinion on some love letters I had stored up there. I wasn't sure whether I should shoo him away or take it as a hint that is was time to let those love letters go. I didn't stick around to figure it out. I just backed my way out of the attic and closed the door. Maybe I will venture up there again at some point, but I really have no desire to see what that one imp did to those letters. And that doll lives up there and I don't think I can take more nightmares!

Imps: lassitude & ennui Hanging imp pet RARE (TAG Gacha)
           lassitude & ennui Rude imp pet RARE (TAG Gacha)
           lassitude & ennui Whispering imp pet light (TAG Gacha)
           lassitude & ennui Whispering imp pet dark (TAG Gacha)
Table: Schadenfreude (lazy) Acedia Single Drawer Side Table (opening)
Console: Apple Fall Fleur Sideboard (Grey)
Mirror: :CP: Bennet Mirror White
Doll: RO - The Doll Maker - Evil Lynn Doll
Cobwebs: Schadenfreude Acedia Cobwebs
Covered chairs: Apple Fall Slipcover Chair (Tapestry) RARE AF Slipcover Chair (White)
White chair:  Apple Fall Shauna's Chair
Box of letters: ~Libertine~ Letters, Yule Pandora Box

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