Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Phire's Adventures in Havenhollow

I learned that there was some good trick or treating to be done in Havenhollow this year so I grabbed a treat bucket and headed out. I know I am too old to trick or treat so I made up an excuse about a sick sister who couldn't go out trick or treating. I have an innocent enough face that I am sure they all bought it, or at least played along. When I got there I decided the first thing to do to get me in the Halloween spirit was to go for a hayride.

Normally hayrides aren't that creepy to me, but being alone in the dark so far away from the houses I was planning to visit was a little unnerving. After the hayride it was time to start trick or treating.
Trick or Treat

The first house I hit seemed pretty normal so I was all ready to hit the rest. I may have been to quick to judge. I mean sure there were other houses that were as one would expect, then I came to this one...
I have no idea

I am not one hundred percent certain what was going on in there. I mean where people dressed and llamas and alpacas for Halloween? Maybe they brought live animals to the party? Either way I was not sticking around to find out after I got my treats. As one does I moved on to the next house. There was a loud party going on inside so it took a while for them to hear me at the door. In the meantime I helped myself to a frosty adult beverage. I mean it's not my fault they left it out there. In hindsight it was probably a bad idea to drink beer from an unknown origin, but YOLO right?
Don't mind it I do

After I finished my refreshing drink I walked a bit more and came across a girl with a loaded bucket offering me a flashlight. She told me I would need it to get through the woods. I didn't think I really needed to go into the woods to get anywhere, but her full bucket made me rethink things. I may have an issue with sugar cravings.
Thanks for the light

Since I was feeling happy then I grabbed a flashlight and headed off into the woods. Maybe I should have thought it through given my feelings on the hayride, but I didn't.
I didn't listen

Man I really wish I had gone with someone...

All pictures taken at Havenhollow III

Quick credits
Shirt: Fishy Strawberry
Jeans: Le Primitif
Boots: Fri.day
Hair: Ploom
Body & Hands: Maitreya
Skin: Glam Affair

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