Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Love Lost

The Tragedy

If only he had listened to the warning on the wall and had not ventured into this strange lighthouse maybe he would still be with her. It has been a year since his mysterious death and she just can not let go. She wrapped herself in his old military jacket and pants just to feel close to him, sure they didn't fit properly, but they were his and she missed him greatly. After his death she fell into deep despair and was determined that she could bring him back to life. All year she search through libraries, old book stores, and even the few occult shops she found nearby. hoping to come across something that would help, and she did. Today was the day when she would bring him back to life!
The Hopeful Resurrection

She had found a book and gathered all the supplies that were required for his resurrection. She got to work reading the words and mixing all the things together. She was so filled with hope that he love would be returning to her. Suddenly a light began to emanate from the book. She looked on with bated breath awaiting for her love. What she saw made her gasp in horror!
A Demon Released

That was not her long lost love she saw rise from the tome, it was some sort of demon. Her skin was red as a ruby and she flames shooting through her hair. The poor dear recalls nothing after that, at least that is the story she told me when I visited her in the asylum.

Jacket: ::GB::Military jacket / madpea limited (MadPea Gold Prize)
Pants: ::GB::Ripped pants_military /madpea limited (MadPea Gold Prize)
Boots: fri. - Maggie.Boots (Charcoal)
Hair: Exile::Book of sparks  (MadPea Silver Prize)
Body and hands: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.4
Skin: Izzie's - Shay Skin natural BLB
Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes  - Poltergeist

The Demon Lady
Dress: ~ Faida & Fallen Gods Inc. Vanessa, black RARE  (at Wayward Halloween)
Hair with Flame: Exile::Twisted Firestarter (female) (MadPea Gold Prize)
Body and hands: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara V3.4
Red skin(tattoo): Fallen Gods Inc FALLENSTEIN 2015 + Second Hand Demon (at Wayward Halloween)

Spearheads: *AF* Collector's Spearheads  (MadPea Silver Prize)
Spearheads in case: *AF* Collector's Showcase (MadPea Gold Prize)
Cage: {RW} Utica Crib (MadPea Gold Prize)
Box of stuff: .random.Matter. - Ritual Box (MadPea Gold Prize)
Book on stand: Aphrodite "The soul stone magic book" (MadPea Gold Prize)
Building: i { DH } Abandoned Lighthouse (MadPea Gold Prize)

Important Info
All items marked MadPea are from the Peatonville Asylum Hunt/Game
      The HUD for gold prizes is 1000L (you get both silver and gold prizes with this HUD)
      The HUD for the silver prizes is 500L

Wayward Halloween ends today so hurry!

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