Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Minty Stroll

Getting out

That guitar looks mighty tempting, too bad I have no musical talent. Maybe if I grabbed a few pennies and tossed them into the well I could wish for some. I don't think that is how it works so maybe I can just find someone to teach me. And maybe another teacher for the piano. Oh I know instead of collecting objects I shall collect teachers. Let's see first on the list a guitar teacher, then a piano teacher, then maybe I could learn the violin.
Time to find a vineyard

I better get a move on, that is a lot of instructors to find and instruments to rent, or buy. Oh I wonder if I can add a vintner to teach me the fine art of making wine!

Dress: NYU - Longline Tee, Maple (at SOU by
Shoes: *GF* Jessica Flats -navy- [Slink Flat](at SOU by
Sunglasses: ieQED
Bag: =Zenith=rattan bag with scarf (brownish tan)
Bracelet: (Kunglers Extra) TDRF #031 - Silver bracelet
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Dasha
Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Flat
Feet: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Casual
Skin: Glam Affair - Luna skin - Jamaica Tone - 08 F
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Fiori~ Emerald Eye

Photos taken here

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