Thursday, April 30, 2015

Violetta's Adventure

Earlier I introduced you to Violetta and as I alluded her story wasn't over. You see she was scooped up by that tornado and brought to a whole new world. Well it was new to her and she was scared stiff. So stiff that someone mistook her for wall art and sold her! Suddenly she was hanging up in some strange little creatures living quarters.
The Small creature

After a bit of a struggle Violetta was able to free herself from the wall and decided to explore the strange place that she ended up. The thing the little creature slept on was very soft and it seemed to make her happy. She then found this table with all sorts of things that made marks, she she drew pictures that reminded her of her own home.
Dreaming of home

The pictures that she drew made Violetta extremely homesick and she longed to get back home. The new land was interesting for a time, but Violetta had no desire to stay. She walked over to where the small creature slept and whispered goodbye.
Goodbye strange creature

Violetta wasn't certain that the little sleeping creature heard her, but she didn't waste any time waiting to find out. Violetta snuck out the window and caught a breeze, hoping that it would take her home since the tornado brought her there to begin with. She did eventually land at home, but she floated over many different and to her exotic lands. Some were hot, some were colorful, other were wet, but the one that got her attention the most was the one that was frozen over.
Drifting home

Avatar: DDDF - PoppeRana Purple RARE ( at Fantasy Faire)
Poses:  (marukin) - various poses

The Small Creature
Pajamas: {PB} Sheepy Sleepy Kid ( at Heritage Gift Attic)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Noriko Mesh Hair - Pancake
Body: CuteBytes - KID - Girl (ToddleeDoo)
Skin: (*ANGELICA) SUZY :honeypink: coco brow
Eyes: [UMEBOSHI] Lunar eyes -Dark Grey-

The Decor
Bed: [RI] My Little Bed (Purple)
Art Table: Alouette - Kids Art Table (Messy)
Rug with poof: GA Home - Pink Carpet and Square Pouf
Wall art: Alouette - Animal Cut Out Frame
Paper chain: Alouette - Paper Chains - Pile
Vanity: [RI] Beary Cute Vanity (Purple)

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