Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Meet Violetta

I am going to introduce you to Miss Violetta Plumpoppet. She lives in a lovely little place called Poppetsborough.

Violetta wakes up everyday and smells the lovely tulips that grown outside her window. They are always in bloom so everyday starts off sunny and smelling good. Violetta goes through the routine that we all do as she gets ready for the day, showering, eating breakfast, etc. Then she is off to work!
Waiting for the train

Violetta waits for the commuter train to take her into the larger city where she works as a dress maker's assistant. Violetta hopes to one day have her own line of sheet music dresses.
Riding the train to work

I wasn't able to follow Violetta once she got off the train. Something about not being allowed to see the work the master designer was working on. I did meet up with Violetta after she got off the train at the end of the day, but then something happened, almost as if out of a story. Violetta was scooped up by a tornado! Hopefully she will be okay...

Avatar: DDDF Poppet Avatar - PoppeRana Purple RARE (at 2015 Fantasy Faire)

All Photos taken at Poppetsborough at Fantasy Faire

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