Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Poolside Antics

I love spending time with my family in SL, and sometimes I can be a trouble maker. You see we just got a pool installed and we decided to have a day of fun in the sun. I may have whispered in my darling hubby's ear that it would be hilarious to toss his sister into the pool and he agreed!
The Toss

Luckily her glasses stayed on when she went in or else they would have been a pain to find against the blue tiled pool bottom. When she got out I told her I couldn't believe what her brother did. I may have mentioned that she should get revenge on him by pushing him in the pool. I of course volunteered to help.
The Shove

While he was drying off I ran inside to get some drinks for everyone. Plotting and scheming can make a girl thirsty you know. Little did I know that while I was gone they had hatched their own plan. I hopped back into the pool figuring I would relax, maybe float on my back, but the next thing I know I am being scooped up and thrown into the deep end!
The Throw

I would say that I learned my lesson and I shouldn't try and get these two to torment one another, but really I may never learn. Maybe next time we can have a street race or something.

Phire Wore
Bikini Top: *BOOM* Hampton Bikini Top v2/Floral Orchid
Bikini Bottom: *BOOM* Hampton Bikini Bottom /Floral Orchid
Ring: EarthStones Everlasting Love Bridal Set - Platinum
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Fleur w/ white flowers
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual
Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance)  - Flat
Skin: Izzie's - Nomi Skin pale DB CL
Lashes: *MC* "Falsies" Eyelash - Upper
Eyes:.tsg. Luminate - Deep Blue

Mikka Wore
Bathing suit: FATEwear Trunks - Spitz - Ocean
Ring: EarthStones Everlasting Love Mens Wedding Band - Platinum
Hair: *Dura-Boy*49(Wood Bark)
Hands: Slink Male Hands (AvEnhance) - Relax
Feets: Slink Male Feet (AvEnhance) - Flat
Skin: -Labyrinth- Leaf Skin (Pale) - TheCleanShaven
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes (London Fog Shadow, w3)

Stardust wore
Bikini top: ~ Zaara : [Mesh] Naisha Bikini top *aqua*
Bikini bottom: ~ Zaara : [Mesh] Naisha Bikini bottom *aqua*
Sunglasses: ~ [ JP ]:dsg. Shades-Clubmaster *MESH*
Hair:  ~ Eaters Coma - HAIR 47 / Dark Chestnut
Hands: ~ Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Relaxed - Small
Feet: ~ Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) - Flat
Skin: ~ Lara Hurley-Ivy sweet/Pale
Eyes: ~ Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes (Green Tourmaline, w3)
Lashes: ~ StrawberrySingh.com - Eyelash -1

Picture One: Bounce This Poses - Pool Toss
Picture Two: Bounce This Poses - Getting Wet 
Picture Three: Bounce This Poses - Pool Launched 

Pool: The Loft - Verona Pool
Chairs: The Loft - Verona Lounger 2 Teak
           The Loft - Verona Armchair 2 Teak

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