Thursday, January 2, 2014

Too cold my the animals

The weather outside is bitter cold and snowy so all the animals came inside, well almost all of them.
Attack of the animals I
The deer and kitty both decided to warm themselves by the fire. However Grumpy the kitty is not really digging on the deer.
Attack of the animals II
I think he is just jealous because he may have gotten a little singed from the candles in the past which is why they are no longer lit.

I needed a little me time so I dashed outside. Okay I ran out the door because I couldn't stand the noise of the kitty/deer battle. I ran around the little pond, the penguins were enjoying the cold. However someone jumped on me for a ride back in the house...
Attack of the animals III
Guess this bunny isn't a fan of the cold either, now to run back inside before I turn into a Phire popcicle!


                   [Atooly] My Candle Gacha - Heart Tin Candle RARE - Green ( at Oh My Gacha)                               

  • House w/fireplace: Trompe Loeil - Willoughby Lakehouse Warm (at Collabor88)
  • Ice Pond: *MishMish* Penguin Gacha - Ice Pond 15x15 RARE (previously at The Arcade)
  • Penguin: *MishMish* Penguin Gacha - Skating  (previously at The Arcade)

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