Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Into the new year we go

When Lola and I get bored we decide to dress alike. It happens more often then you may realize. Last night I let Lola pick out what we should wear. Is it any surprise that it meant a wee little dress?
Good Bye 2013
Since she loves me and wants me to be happy I got to wear yellow while she went with red. I know I was shocked she wasn't in purple too!
Hello 2014
I took a lot of pictures with different windlight settings, and I mean a lot. Poor Lola's email was spammed with them. That's how it works when we take pictures together. I take the pictures and then send them all to her so she can pick her favorites. Of course since my vanity knows no bounds I always take pictures of myself, like this one...
Vain no matter the year
Like I said I played with a lot of windlight settings last night. The credits for the clothes and hair are the same so if you like what you see I got you covered. If you want to know something specific that Lola is wearing just let me know and I will beat it out of her...erm I mean ask er nicely.


  • Dress: :{MV}: Derezzed  Caution
  • Mask: :{MV}: IlliadCorp Halfmask  Caution
  • Boots: :{MV}: Lydia Boots  Royal
  • Hair: *TSM* Warpath - S3 - L.E. Scarab (marketplace)
  • Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual 
  • Skin: .ploom. Gia [Cream]  - Starfish
  • Lashes: .ploom. Lashes - Feather Mascara
  • Eye Makeup: +>A&A<+ Mono V2 3 &7
  • Eyes: .tsg. Luminate - Aquamarine
  • Photo scene: W. Winx & Flair - WinxBox - Change/Funk

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