Friday, December 6, 2013

Living at the North Pole

I don't know what movies are trying to convince you humans, but we elves do not live in a cute little village of adorable wood houses. Have you seen the North Pole? There isn't a tree around anywhere! Yes, we have wood to make the toys, but it is to make the toys with. Would you like to see where I really live?
My Elfy Home
That's right I live in an igloo. I know what you are thinking, but it's bigger on the inside I swear. Maybe on another day I will show you around the inside.
My Elfy Home
This is my pet Penn, he likes to play with his ice cubes. I made them to look like a child's blocks. I am trying to teach him to spell "Merry Christmas", but it is not going to well. I also have some neighbors...
My Elfy Home
The polar bear family may look fierce but they are more like teddy bears. They are always out playing together, it warms my little elven heart.


Outside Things

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