Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Heading "South"

Now when you live at the North Pole pretty much everywhere is South. I decided to take a little trip down south to see how the human world celebrated Christmastime.
Visiting the "south"
I am sure I would have gotten some funny looks about not wearing a coat in the snow if I had run into any humans, but I was safe. See being from the North Pole I have a high tolerance for the cold and snow.
Human lands
Of course my cheeks don't get all chilled like a humans, mine get all blushed and covered in stars. If you ever see a human look like this it means there is North Pole elf blood in them, no matter how diluted. I was a little upset while on my trip though.
I mean is the seriously what humans think we North Pole elves do all the time? I mean we live normal lives too you know. I mean sure the toy making is a year round thing, but we do eat more than cookies! And we know more than just Christmas songs. You humans don't sing them year round do you? I didn't think so! I am going to leave before I rant some more. Back to the North Pole I go!


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