Monday, December 16, 2013

A gothy little elfy

I'm dreaming
I am sure you all expect elves at the North Pole to be all sunshine and rainbows, and well we are...usually. Sometimes however I like to explore my darker side. In all honesty it doesn't exactly come naturally.
Something gothy
I try to look all dark and stuff, but the cute is just who I am. I will tell you a secret though. You all know how when you are naughty Santa leaves you coal. Well here is the thing. It's not really coal, it actually petrified elf poop. So see when you really piss off the big man he literally gives you shit for Christmas. If he thinks you need a reminder to be better he leaves you socks and underwear. Like I said it's a secret, but since I like you all I thought I would give you a heads up.
Too cute to goth?
Now go forth and stay on the nice list...unless you want crap for Christmas.


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