Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Viktoria the good witch

Just because Halloween is over it doesn't mean that the witches just disappear for another year. No, they just go about their usual business.
Viktoria the Good Witch
This is Viktoria and she is a good witch. She is the kind that brews potions to help the people of the village she lives near. No one calls her a witch to her face of course, but they all know what she is. She doesn't mind that they do, it's what she is and she is proud of that.
Viktoria the Good Witch
You won't see newts eyes or anything like that on her shelves. Don't get me wrong she does have some of the icky ingredients but she keeps those hidden away in the cupboard. No one likes to see those icky things when they come calling for a potion or charm.
Viktoria the Good Witch
I am not certain how old Viktoria is exactly, in fact no one does. It feels like she has been there forever, but she sure doesn't look all old and withered. Maybe it has something to do with the soup she eats on a daily basis?


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