Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lizzie Borden - Vampire Slayer

So you may or may not be familiar with Lizzie Borden so here is a little rhyme that children used to skip rope to...
Lizzie Borden took an axe 
And gave her mother forty whacks. 
When she saw what she had done 
She gave her father forty-one. 

There are a lot of ideas as to why this happened, but I know the true story. Lizzie was a vampire slayer/demon hunter and she found out the truth about her father and step mother. They weren't human at all and she needed to deal with them accordingly. Some may think that this was a one time deal, but I have uncovered photos to the contrary, and they have been lovingly colorized for modern times.
Sneaking up
As you can see from the photo Lizzie would sneak up on unsuspecting vampires as they rose from their mausoleums in the early hours of the evening.

In for the kill
She would strike quickly, dealing a lethal blow before they ever saw it coming.

She would leave her victims there are a warning to others knowing that when the sun rose it would obliterate all evidence of what she has been doing.

Lizzie Borden
Outfit (includes boots and scythe): ! ~v~ ImmateriA ~v~ Lizzie Borden (at Horrorfest)
Ring: Exquisite Tie The Knot White Gold Diamond Ring
Hair: Magika [Hair] Honest
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual
Skin: Essences - Rose OMG 02 *doux* ginger RARE ( at Oh My Gacha)
Lashes: (Miriel) Lashes - Glamour (store closed)
Eyes: .tsg. Luminate - Aquamarine

The Vampire
Jacket: {Sleepy Eddy} Pea Coat (Black)
Shirt: Schadenfreude Sterling Oxford, tidy tails
Pants: FATEwear Pants - Eddie -  Void
Hair: Exile::Vindicated Naturals
Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ Vincent Blood thirst (group gift last year?)
Eyes: .ID. Glare / Mens Dept / Gray

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