Friday, September 20, 2013

The Sorceress and daughter

There once was a kind and powerful Sorceress. She only used her powers to help others, much to the dismay of the other Sorceresses around. One day she had to go pick up a few supplies from the local Wizard and decided it was time for her daughter to come along and start her training.
The Sorceress and daughter
The Wizard had all the supplies the Sorceress was looking for, even the unicorn tears which are extremely hard to come by. So it was time to head home. The Sorceress scooped her daughter up..
The Sorceress and daughter
...and off they headed towards home to brew up a special potion. What that potion was I can not say, but I am guessing it was something powerful.
The Sorceress and daughter



Pictures taken at Firefly Hollow

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achariya rezak said...

I bet the potion was to fix the little girl's teddy bear, who had accidentally gotten ripped when they saved the world last week!