Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Farmer's Daughter

It's story time again. This story is all about a farmer, his daughter and a mischievous Faery. Once upon a time there was a farmer who had a beautiful daughter.
famer's daughter
This farmer was very protective of his daughter and wanted to keep her safe. On day the father traveled away from the farm to seek help for the local faery. He begged her to keep his daughter safe. The mischievous faery got a twinkle in her eye and assured the farmer she would keep his daughter safe. When the farmer arrived home he couldn't find his daughter. He looked high and low all over the farm. He finally went into his daughter's room and noticed a new snowglobe on the shelf in between her prized lion and unicorn figurines.
famer's daughter
He went over for a closer look and what taken aback. Inside the globe was his daughter, trapped in the snowglobe.
famer's daughter
Her father is still trying to figure out how to free his daughter from her snowglobe prison. The moral of the story, Faery makes fun pose props, oh and maybe don't ask mischievous faeries for help.


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