Tuesday, June 18, 2013

We Gonna Pop Some Tags

You are gonna want more than twenty dollars in your pocket though, just saying. If you couldn't guess by the title and such this post is about the Thrift Shop event going on now. I hit it up with Lola over the weekend and if you haven't gone be prepared to spend a fair amount of time there because it is HUGE! Enough talk, how about some pictures.
We gonna pop some tags
It is always fun trying to get Lola and I not to look completely awkward since she is so short, This time the awkward part was her skirt. We had to switch poses because she was looking a little indecent!
We gonna pop some tags
Lola decided she would change her clothes halfway though and the pose too! I think she just likes making more work for me.
We gonna pop some tags
If you look closely you can see Lola and I are wearing the same bracelet and ring. Oddly enough this wasn't even planned. I logged on wear them because, STARS!, ans she was wearing the exact same ones. She is just biting my star loving style I know it.

For Me

For Lola's credits and the poses used check out her blog here

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