Monday, May 20, 2013

Alien Lockdown

Alien Lockdown
It seems to make sense to have my first post this week to be a little on the Sci-Fi side of things. I mean Star Trek was the #1 movie in the US over the weekend. It also happens to the the genre of choice for this months Genre shopping event.
Alien Lockdown
I guess being locked up is better then being experimented on, but it is a boring existence for someone as awesome as my alien self. Look I was already blue enough without being locked up!
Alien Lockdown
In case you were curious and are reading this instead of just looking at the pictures, the hair, tattoo and poses used in that last picture are all available at Genre. Now onto the credits!


  • Skirt: e! Defiant Mini Skirt (Prussian) 
  • Top: e! Sporty Bra Plain (Slate) 
  • Boots: ISON - hawkin boot - (navy)(these were a previous Arcade exclusive)
  • Hair: Analog Dog ism ocean ( at Genre)
  • Skin: Essences - Opera Summertime 01 (currently at TDR Fusion)
  • Lashes: *MY UGLYDOROTHY -Lash03_mascara & Lash02_mascara
  • Tattoo: BIOLOGIC Evolution (Overlay, Light) +FGInc.+ Reef ( at Genre)
  • Eyes: [UMEBOSHI] Daydream2 eyes -White-
  • Poses: nani - pose pack 7 ( at Genre)
  • Jail Cell /w poses : GLITTERATI - Lockdown

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