Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Whole New World

Aladdin and Jasmine
I had to title this post the way I did. I mean look at the first picture for Aladdin and Jasmine. I an not going to admit to how many looks I tried before I settled on this outfit for my Jasmine.
Aladdin and Jasmine
This picture was a total accident. I took one where "Aladdin's" eyes were closed and when I went to take the picture again, my eyes were closed. I hacked them together so that both our eyes were closed. It seems all sweet and loving.

On Aladdin

  • Cardigan: DN Mesh (m): Cardigan 
  • Pants: FATEwear Pants - John - Desert 
  • Shoes: HOC Apparel - Hocs Lowtops nolaces 
  • Hair: [Shag] - Handsome Devil - eve (on marketplace)
  • Skin: Essences - Edwin *sunkissed* 
  • Eyes: .ID. Glare / Mens Dept / Brown
On Jasmine

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