Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fantasy Faire Puppy Love

Do you want to adopt me? I am cute and house broken and you can dress me up. If the title of the post didn't give it away I am back today with another Fantasy Faire post. This time it is the Yabusaka Pookabi Avatar B, which will be released at the Fantasy Faire.
I was able to dress myself in an outfit made for the Yabusaka baby avatars. I make a pretty puppy. You can find these baby clothes on Marketplace or at the Yabusaka baby store in world. Oh but it gets better!
You can change color of your pug with the HUD, and there is another that allows you to change the eyes and the tongue. How cute is that tongue hanging out? The Fantasy Faire opens tomorrow!


*No SLURLs as the Faire hasn't opened but this link leads to a map so you can find the shop when it does open.

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