Monday, March 18, 2013

The Green Team

I was all set to do the typical skin fair skin post, but then half way through I changed my mind. Figures right? So instead of pictures of all the skins and the details, you get to see my strange little super heroine group. First up is The Incredible Phire Hulk! My 9 year old said I looked like She Hulk so I went with it.
She is really a lot stronger than she looks, trust me! Next in the line up is The Reluctant Killer. If you take a look her face looks so young and innocent, hence the reluctant part.

She looks pretty fierce in her bone armor. And he scythe could really mess a person up. Following the killer is the Fearless Fae.
She may be small but she can get into all those places the others can't.  Not to mention she has all those special powers that no one can quite understand. Last, but certainly not least is their leader, The Alien Queen!
She is like Professor X only green and will boobs. Oh and hair, she has hair. She got her name because when I was out shopping dressed like her last night someone called me a beautiful ET.

Phire Hulk

The Reluctant Killer
The Fearless Fae
The Alien Queen
*don't forget to click on them for a bigger better view*

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