Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ghost White Art

Here is is Humpday and another color to be seen. If you couldn't guess from the title the color is ghost white. I don't think I look at all ghostly, but I am wearing white.

Ghost White

Of course you can't really see all my white, since I am trying to become one with the art. I don't think I am doing such a great job though. Maybe I should work on my camouflage skills.

Ghost White


  • Dress: tulip. Banded Dress (Whipped Cream)
  • Tights: *GF* Print Tights -Rose Monochrome-
  • Boots: lassitude & ennui Phoebe lace-up boots black / dark wood
  • Hair: [e] Breathe - Brown 08
  • Skin: al vulo!- Polly 2* natural caramel
  • Eyes: .ID. Gem Eyes / Basics / Dark / Aqua
  • Poses: [LAP] various (store closed)

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