Monday, August 6, 2012

Welcome To The Tea Party!!!

Hello! This is Lola stealing Phire's blog to increase my vanity just a tad bit. So I bet you are wondering what the title of this blog post has anything to do with the lovely pictures below.
Did you hear that Rotten Toe has reopened? She has a few new items: skin, eyes, and this lovely new dress called "Tea Party". Phire and I have become huge Kerli fans and the first thing that came to our minds was "I'm the lady fatha mucka try to show some class" from her ever so awesome track "Tea Party"
Welcome to the Tea Party Want to be my VIP? You didn't RSVP That's ok, that's ok Welcome to the Tea Party (oh oh, oh oh) Want to be my VIP? When I all steamed up, Hear me shout Tip me over and pour me out
Tea Time
The above picture is when Phire got all artsy, or were we all high on our tea? That is a good question and a good girl never discloses her secrets.
Hi there
Ahh...Phire just loves being the center of attention. I'm thinking she couldn't handle my "Army of Love" beauty. LOL ok really, the fact is I'm a tiny av in sl I'm about 5'3 and any girlfriend poses don't fit us well and I tried editing it and this is what happened.
Are you sure you don't want to have a spot of tea with us.....check us out our skills are magnificent.
Last but not least, I cant end a post without a booty shot even though today is not big booty Tuesday.
Well I am guessing you want all the details from our sexy rendezvous so here they are!!!
On Lola
On Phire

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