Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Less than Fifty Shade of Green

I Promise this is not some Leprechaun BDSM story and if that what what you were hoping for, well I hate to disappoint.....

<50 Shades of Green

There were so many great things released this weekend and I am just getting caught up. In fact I am covered head to toe in new.


Here is my head and here is the new, it's hair and eyes! If course they both come in colors other than green, but that wouldn't work with the title of the post! Next...shoulders.


Well my necklace isn't new, actually would maybe it is considered and SL heriloom? However my top is new, well newish. If it's less than two weeks old in my inventory it's new right? Anyway it's on the newer side of things...now my legs!


Pants! New pants, in green, shocking I know, but there are a host of other colors and if you can't find one you like well.....frankly I have to question your tastes.Now onto my tootsie toes.

and Toes

Because summer isn't over yet, new sandals at a cool new event! You can pick this pretties up at L’accessoires!, along with other, well you guessed it accessories.

  • Pants: *BOOM* Miami Linens (Margarita)
  • Shirt: Ingenue :: Pippa :: Kelly
  • Shoes: lassitude & ennui Blossom wedge sandals - white (at L'accessories!)
  • Necklace: (Miriel) Fleur Necklace - Silver/Peridot (store closed)
  • Skin: al vulo!- Polly 2* natural caramel with freckle tattoo layer
  • Hair: ::Exile:: Like Lovers Do:Fern
  • Eyes: ROZENA ~Beads Eyes~ fairy green (at Limited Bazaar)
  • Poses: Diesel Works

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