Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Black and Blue

Black and Blue

Sometime I see a picture somewhere and I wonder if I can create a look or an image like that. sometimes it comes out spectacularly, and other times it is utter fail. This is one of those fail times. I mean the look I ended up with I adore but it is nothing like what I had been shooting for. But then again weren't some of the greatest discoveries accidents?


  • Jeans: fri.  - Iunno Jeans (Black)
  • Top: 20.FIVE Mesh BlazerT  - Blue 
  • Shoes: ShinyThings Zimmy Flats - blue 
  • Hair: [e] Flattery - Black 04
  • Skin: TAO female +FGInc.+ YANG (skin) with TAO female  YIN   (tattoo)
  • Eyes: MIASNOW Eyes - DRAMATIC   MD   DeepSea
  • Poses: {TERHO} (store closed)

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