Monday, July 30, 2012

Leaving Home

The time has come for her to venture forth from her small town to make it in the world. She leaves with just the clothes on her back.

Leaving Home

Walking is very tiring for her so she stops for a rest. She has a destination in mind, but she needs to make it there in time.

A brief rest

Sadly she was late and that rest truly cost her. Now the ship has left without her.

The ship has departed

Heartbroken and alone she must make the decision whether to return to her home or continue on, hoping fortune will smile upon her.

Decisions to be made

And thus ends the story...for now. Here is a brighter look at what our adventurer was wearing.

The whole look

Dress: Schadenfreude Ivory Eala Dress (July Collabor88)
Shoes: Schadenfreude Ivory Cygnette Shoes (July Collabor88)
Hair with Hood: ::Exile:: Lady in Red
Hair without Hood: ::Exile:: Wide Awake: (was at the hair fair, you may need to wait for it to appear in the shop)
Skin: {.essences.} Rowena - new ~ pale (this was a Chic2 exclusive which is no longer available)

Eyes: .ID. Gem Eyes / Basics / Dark / Blue
Poses (Last Photo):  !Bang mini series Without Purpose and Back Up (July Collabor88)

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