Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Going Tribal

It's no secret that I love to roleplay, and many of my avatars are designed with roleplay in mind, or just to be something different from the norm. I've been wearing this particular look for several days, tweaking and perfecting until I came up with a basic character design that felt right for the character concept in question. I love designing characters. In any case, I've designed this tribal character for a tribalistic shape-changing race. It's a little different than what I go for with character design, I don't often do blonde, be it dark blonde or platinum very often...if ever, so this look is a refreshing change from what I usually do.


Skin: Vincent in april from Tableau Vivant

Facial and Body Hair: The chest hair with happy trail and goatee can be found in the Aestalian skin packs from De La Soul

Eyes: Smooth Glow in Pastoral from Ibanez

Hair: Thunderstruck from Exile
Wrist Paint: Tribal Paint Nathair from Eldritch

Necklace: Geronimo Skull Necklace from Flightless

Shoulder Armor: Leather Armor Brown from ViGo

Loincloth: Flamberge Warrior from Bare Rose

Scar: Chest Scar from Ghurab - Black Vulo Design

 Not Shown:
Scar: Crescent Facial scar from Ghurab - Black Vulo Design

Feet: Mens Natural barefeet by SLink

Pose by Lasaki!

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