Thursday, June 28, 2012

Alice tells her story

Dear Readers,
I have a secret story to share with you today. I trust you will keep what I share with you in utter confidence as I would hate for anything to happen to the lovely girl I am about to tell you about.

Thinking of her tale

Everyone knows the story that Lewis Carroll told of Alice, and that was just the start. You see every so often an "new" Alice makes her way to Wonderland to save the day. You don't hear about these Alices because, well who would believe such a fantastical story. If fact some of the previous Alices have been locked away in asylums. This Alice did not want to be one of those, so she kept her story to herself, until now.

The story flows

Alice is currently working on recounting her tale for anyone interested in reading. Of course for her own safety ( as she really enjoys living the life she has), she is penning it under a pseudonym and as a "fairy tale". She hopes people will see it as a "fan fiction" type of deal based off the older stories, just you know advanced in time. Here is a little photo montage of Alice I was able to put together. Remember this is a secret and I really shouldn't be telling you, but my dearest readers I trust you.

The whole look

Credits (because I can't leave you without the real stuff)

Jacket: e! Darla Blazer (Graphite)
Tank: e! Bronte Top (Hummingbird)
Shorts: e! Millie Shorts Striped (Aqua)
Heels: lassitude & ennui Nyrha sandals black
Necklace: MIAO WillowPearl Necklace
Hair: ::Exile:: Lost in Wonderland ( At the Fairytales 2012 event)
Skin: MIASNOW Skin 2012 - SWEETY Pale (with darker brows and natural darker lips)
Eyes: MIASNOW Eyes - DRAMATIC   MD   SummerGrass
Lashes: (Miriel) Lashes - Glamour (store closed)
Desk (with items): {what next} Bloggers Office set

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