Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fantasy Faire Episode 3

Fantasy Fair is still going strong, and if you've not been there yet, I highly recommend you go before it's over. The builds are fantastic, and there's many many designers for you to spend your money on, and amongst those designers is .Eldritch. Their designs awaken a sort of primitive feel, back when only the basics were needed for survival, with a touch of invoking of the spirits. The Weald Mask that I am wearing certainly makes me feel like some sort of shaman in an ancient tribe. .Eldritch. not only makes beautifully sculpted and textured masks, but they also have tribal paints to complete an array of various primitive looks. Also, to make things easier and more 'you' for your new mask, they include a very easy to use hud that helps you to tint the base mask, and the spiritual etchings and adjust the level of glow!

What I'm wearing:
.Eldritch.: Weald Mask - Shamanic
GG's Boutique: Navey Native -Dark Grey (I think this store is now closed)
League: Native Jewelry
Raw house: Flatliner -Black
Ghurab: Whole Body Scars
Tableau Vivant: Noctis -Tone 09

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