Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fantasy Faire: Episode 2

Today I'm featuring an item from Pyewicket's Myths; The Drakkonia. Ladies and gentleman will both be pleased to know that this faun inspired reptilian set comes with a male and female counter-part, just like a few other items from Pyewicket's Myths. Pyewicket has some really interesting designs that can be a lot of fun to toy around with when creating new looks for yourself, and the Drakkonia is something that will more than likely be making it's way into my regular wardrobe rotation. I had alot of fun playing around with this set. It comes with digigrade legs with clawed feet, of course the scaled bottoms, the wings and a few other accessories that I'll let you discover when you buy this unique set for yourself. You can find Pyewicket's Myths in the Shifting Sands sim of the Fantasy Faire.

On The Dragonkin
Tableau Vivant: Vincent Platinum (previous hunt gift, no longer available. DLS Ikon would be a great alternative if you don't have this one.)
Pyewicket's Myths: Drakkonia Outfit
Ni.Ju: Blood Tipped Claws
STRAPS: Arrow Harness
KIN: Eku Hair

 Lasaki! (Not yet released poses)

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