Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fantasy Faire: Episode 1

Over the next few days I'll be posting about some of the amazing things you'll be able to find at the Fantasy Fair. In the above picture I'm rocking a sort of monochromatic satyr look that's garbed..if you can call it that... in this unique article from Animation Risings who makes some rather unique silk pieces with a system called living lights . It comes with a HUD to help you pick which color you'd like your clothing (or lack there of) to be. It's modifiable, so you can easily fit it to your shape, and possibly tint it to veritable rainbow swirling around your body.
I think it might be a little obvious to anyone who comes in contact with me, if given the choice, I vastly prefer being something that's far from human, and the new Ikon skins from De La Soul for fantasy fair are great for that. In the above picture I am wearing the smoke tone, and it works fairly seamlessly with the faun legs from Gauze. If you like having elf-like ears, but don't like the headache that it takes to tint them perfectly to each of your skins, you'll be pleased to know that the Ikon skins come with matching elf ears...and a really unique set of mesh eyes for good measure. De La Soul will be donating an item to the Fantasy Faire silent auction, and it's a one of a kind beautiful deep purple version of their Ikon skin line.

On The Satyr (Below this are pictures of the other skin tones)
De La Soul: Ikon skin in smoke, Ears in Smoke, Mesh eyes
Animation Rising: Night (Male) Living Lights outfit
.Eldritch.: Nathair
Wasabi Pills: Orion Hair in Ethereal
Illusions: Dalli Horns
Gauze: Faun Legs in Silver

Lolapop! (Not yet released poses)

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