Friday, March 2, 2012

Four Sisters

There were for sisters who decided that as a gift for their mother they would have their photo taken together. Each one was always busy in with their own lives so it was rare for them to be together. The photographer tried his best to get a group picture.

Four Sisters

This was the best he could accomplish. No one wanted to follow his directions. So he suggested maybe a lovely portraits. So he took a photo of each girl. First was the er more "sophisticated" of the bunch and by sophisticated I mean stuck up.

Next he he snapped a picture of the more reserved sister, you know the kind that is all calm in public but wild when home and relaxed.

After her was the free spirit of the bunch, some would call her immature, but I think she is just fun loving.

Last but certainly not least was the "black sheep" of the group. She had just gotten back from one of her wild adventures hours before the photo shoot was to take place. Her sisters don't quite get her, but she is okay with that.

Sister #1

Stockings: No.9 Nylons Glamour Night Pyramidseam
Sweater: JANE - chase sweater.cream
Shirt:  *League* Siara Blouse -Cream
Earrings(Caroline's Jewelry) Strands Earring in Black/Silver (at Disco Deals)
Necklace: (Caroline's Jewelry) Strands Necklace in Black/Silver (at Disco Deals)
Hair:  ::Exile:: Queen Bee:Wedge
Skirt: Aura - Bullet Proof - Ruffled Pencil Skirt - Plain
Shoes: (Shiny Things) Charlottes - tan
Skin:::DT:: ::sTeRRe:: CARAMEL
Eyes:   .ID.. January Gift - Medium Brown

Sister #2

Hair:  ::Exile:: Rumour has it:Wedge
Necklace: Dark Mouse les etoiles brillent Necklace - Silver (at Disco Deals)
Dress: JANE - grace (group gift)
Shoes: (Shiny Things) Kelseys - camel (R)
Skin: ::DT:: ::Yri:: V2 CARAMEL
Eyes:   .ID.. January Gift - Medium Brown

Sister #3

Shoes:  *katat0nik* Kita Mary Jane
Hair ::Exile:: MIdnight in Paris:Wedge
Necklace: =^^= MIAO Winter's 3 Wishes Necklace (at Disco Deals)
Dress: JANE - tank dress.crush.honey
Skin: ::DT:: ::Megan:: Cream
Eyes:   .ID. January Gift - Medium Brown

Sister #4
Eyeshadow: cheLLe - Sparkle Solana (at Disco Deals)
Hair: -dDx- Sable (Light Blonde) (at Disco Deals)
Shoes: ::Duh!:: Parisian Stripe Ballet Flat Silver  (at Disco Deals)
Dress: BOTHER.Fleur Blue (at Disco Deals)
Skin: :: ::DT:: ::IsiS:: Cotton - Liner Red (group gift)
Eyes:  .ID. January Gift - Medium Brown
Poses: Ana_mations (retired babydoll AO) and Lolapop! (soon to be sent out group gift *hint hint*)

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