Saturday, March 17, 2012

Blogging and Drinking

Happy St. Patrick's Day blog readers. It celebrate here is a little adventure in blogging today. It all started out so innocent really, just some newness and a gacha event I wanted to photo.

Innocent start

I started in my underwear which should have been a red flag most likely, but hey there were gacha garters and stockings that needed showing off and new leather lingerie too.

Mmmm a snack

I got a little hungry so I thought I would have a lick or two of a lollipop. Nothing tawdry about licking a lollipop in lingerie. But that made me thirsty and see as how it is after noon and a holiday I thought I would have a wee drink.

Pictures are hard work

I can be over dramatic sometimes, but well I'm allowed or something. Anyway I should have realized that drinking after eating only a lollipop was a bad idea, yet that didn't stop me. And as it happens when a Phire is a little less inhibited I tried to give my heart away.

Giving away my love

No one wanted it though, so that sent me back to drinking, and I let my hair down.

One more drink can't hurt

Somehow that one drink turned into I don't know how many, but it must have been a lot because next thing I know I have paintbrushes in my hair and I am riding around the neighborhood on a catrousel, it's like a carousel only it's a cat.

The aftermath

The lesson here kids is drinking and blogging don't mix, even on St. Patrick's Day.

Starlust Gacha items:
Schadenfreude Marron Cirque Noir Garters
(pda) Bad Habits (the drinking pictures)
Lolapop! El Bujo Necklace (the owl one)
Lolapop! I'm a lady bow (the black bow)
Lolapop! Dolly Pose (first picture)
Lolpop! Sucker (The lollipop picture)
Lolapop! Gacha Hearts (the heart, go figure)
MIASNOW Gacha - FEMALE Prize 1  (the paintbrushes)
Intrigue Co. - Cat Carousel: Calico (the "catrousel" as I called it)

Non-Gatcha Pretties
Hair: Exile Queen Bee (updo) and Exile Take it Off (long hair) in Teak
Lingerie: ~Cannibelle~ Karin Lingerie - Brown
Shoes: lassitude & ennui Nostalgia pumps for Black*Butler hunt (try the skully pumps for a similar pair)
Skin: ::DT:: ::sTeRRe:: CARAMEL
Eyes: chus! Pepper Galaxy

This post brought to you but no breakfast and coffee with a healthy amount of Bailey's!

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