Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Ups and Downs

A story for Valentine's Day, because well it's today and it amused me.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl who was sitting in her home waiting for her beau to arrive for a romantic Valentine's Day.


She sat there waiting for him and he was running a bit late, but she didn't let her anger show.

growing impatient

Finally he appeared, but she was less than pleased when he presented himself so she yelled and sent him off. This is what he had in his mouth.

There he is

Now I am not going to agree whether or not she has nice boobs, but here is a hint fellas when you woman wants romantic...that is not it. In fact the girl told him he was a pig as she sent him away. After having time to think he realized the error of his ways and came back, begging forgiveness. Of course he chose to dress the part knowing that if he could make her laugh all would be forgiven.

Begging forgiveness

On his knee he begged forgiveness and of course his porcine countenance made her laugh thus all was forgiven.

All is well

And she played with his tail long into the night *wink wink*

On Phire

Dress: *Cupcakes - Ballet Dress - White/Pink at  Love is in the Air Event
Skin: *Cupcakes - Gisele - 50L Sunday - Vanilla  at  Love is in the Air Event
Leggings: [ bubble ] Valentines Leggings B 1 at  Love is in the Air Event
Hair: ::Exile:: Girls of Summer:Swiss
Eyes: .ID. Classic Eyes v2 - Blue

Oh Phlint
Shirt: AITUI - Railways - Grain Train
Hair: *SH* Kirio Special(soil)(script)
Mouthie: * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Nice Boobs, Heart Mouthie at  Love is in the Air Event
Pig Look: Intrigue Co. - Pig Pajamas: at  Love is in the Air Event
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::.CaiN_A1
Eyes: Shine Monet Truffle

poses: *MP* Gazing and *MP* Lust
Valentines themed d├ęcor: at  Love is in the Air Event
(FDD) I Love You Blocks, (FDD) Lovey Dovey Chair – Red, (FDD) Dozen of Roses - Reds
Framed Prints: [croire] saltwater taffy frame (lust) 
 Tree: A.D.D. Andel! Valentine Tree-White/Red-Brown Bark ( It's the pretty hearts and spakles behind Phlint's fat head)
Love is in the Air the current event being held on the Cupcakes Sim with all sorts of deals (and there are things that aren't pink or red for those of you who are burnt out)

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