Thursday, February 23, 2012

An angel, fairy and demon walk into a bar

Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but it's not it's the beginning to a bad Phire story. Wait my stories aren't bad! Here we go.....

Angel, Fairy, Demon

Once there was a Blue Angel, a Purple Fairy and a Red Demon who decided they needed a night out so they headed to The Volcano Room. The Red Demon spotted a man sitting at the bard and decided they should have a little fun and see who could get the man to head home with them. Red the Demon loved to seduce humans so she figured it would be a cake walk. First up with Blue the Angel.

Blue Angel

She took the approach of remaining aloof thinking that the man would easily want what it seemed he couldn't have. He eyed her up and down, but never really got up the courage to approach her. Next to try their luck was Purple the Fairy. She thought maybe cutting a rug with the man would be a good idea.

Purple Fairy

She had a blast dancing with the man and being close to him. Oh course she was too stunning to look at so the photographer completely forgot to photo her with the man. Finally it was Red's turn to take her spin with the man. She chose to do what she does best, drink with him.

Red Demon

Again the photographer was so entranced by her erm...assets that the man was left out of the shot yet again. I may have to fire the photographer. Sadly he didn't get a picture of who the man went home with either. I mean who could chose from all the beauties? Who would you choose?

Blue the Angel

Dress: [W&B] Lismore Drop-Waisted Maxi
Skin: Adam n Eve  Skins - Amaris Blue Bare with cleavage enhancer
Hair: ::Exile:: Girls of Summer:Lapis
Wings: Material Squirrel Nitika Angel Wings 4.2.1
Shoes: [PM] Baby T's Plain 2.0 : Snow
Eyes: Shine Monet Bluebell

Purple the Fairy
Dress: *GF* 2010 Holiday Dress Tops -purple- ( group gift, other colors in store)
Skin: Adam n Eve  Skins - Amaris Warm Purple Bare with Purple Lipstick 2 and cleavage enhancer
Hair: ::Exile:: Domino:Passion
Wings: Material Squirrel Giselle Wings in Lilac 4.2.1
Feet: SLink Mesh Feet S (Rigged)
Eyes: Shine Monet Hyacinth

Red the Demon
Skirt::::Sn@tch Chicago Mini Skirt (Black):::
Shirt: :::Sn@tchFling Cropped Top (Black-J):::
Skin: Adam n Eve  Skins - Amaris Deep Red Bare with cleavage enhancer
Horns: Illusions *~*Snarl Horns: Copy
Hair: ::Exile:: Rivers Run:Cranberry
Boots: lassitude & ennui Selene mesh boots black
Necklace: lassitude & ennui Sugarskull necklace
Tail: [][]Trap[][] DemonTail Drow-Elfs
Eyes: Shine Garden City Buttercup

Photos taken at The Volcano Room

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