Thursday, January 5, 2012

Working hard

Ready for fun

Things aren't all fun and games at Miss Phire's, there is real that gets done there. Some of the girls take pride in their work and invited me to visit prior to a customers arrival.

Join me

She was very kind and invited me to sit for a little chat with her. She told me that she enjoys her job and as a matter of fact the man on his way to see her is one of her regulars. She even showed off the delicate necklace that he bought her as a gift for her recent birthday.

Delicate things

She wouldn't tell be who her client was but I have to believe he is a man of means. Well this is my last report from Miss Phire's and it has been eye opening. I don't see a career move in my future, but at least these ladies seem to be well cared for, from what I saw.


Lingerie: W&B Barr None Lingerie PURPLE at Etheria
Jewelry: undefined lilies - holly is manifold (silver/purple) at Etheria
Hair: ::Exile:: Veronique:Beach
Skin: *L* Nova - Dusty - Pure - BB
Eyes: Shine Monet Terra
Bed w/poses: Glitterati

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