Monday, January 2, 2012

The Boss

Young and fair

Miss Phire may be one of the youngest owners of a house of ill repute, but don't let her sweet appearance fool you, she can be quiet feisty. She has the best girls in town and all the men know it.

Don't judge a book

She walks about the town like she owns the place and in a way it may be she does. You see in her line of work her girls become privy to many an intimate secret which Miss Phire uses to her advantage. It's a good thing the men of the town have loose lips of she could have been run out of town ages ago.

A lady

Miss Phire is always on the lookout for a new girl to satisfy the needs of her clientele. She is very good to all her girls though and doesn't let a thing ever get out of hand.


Dress: Lark - Bedroom Eyes - Black at Etheria
Jewelry: Dark Mouse My Lady Love jewelry set at Etheria
Hair: ::Exile:: Maylee:Moreno
Skin: *L* Nova - Dusty - Copper – DB
Lipstick: *L* *Gloss - Bubble
Eyes: Shine Monet Terra
Poses: [LAP] Red Carpet Diva poses

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