Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Black and White

I am balanced today, well at least my skin and eyes are. This skin is the latest concoction of awesome from Fallen Gods. Now I admit this isn't for everyone, I think it takes a special kind of person to run around like this and I just that special. Wait that sounded like I am full of myself huh? Oh well I am pretty special.

Mixed and matched

My eyes are prim ones so I could have had all black or all white eyes , but mixing them up seemed to make sense and I like the balance of it. I promise when you read the credits you will understand why I keep harping on balance.

Simple math

In case you were curious this set comes with a light and dark skin and a tattoo that goes over them to transform the skin into the balanced one you see. Okay okay I will stop and show you the credits so you get what I am yammering about.

Skin, eyes, tattoo :  +Fallen Gods Inc.+ TAO female YIN (light skin) ,  YANG (dark skin), YIN (light tattoo), YANG (dark tattoo), black eye  (left worn),  white eye  (right worn)
Underwear: (Mojo) Ribbon Bra and Boyshorts
Dress: [Plastik]-Aishalune-LaSola Black
Boots: lassitude & ennui Selene mesh boots turquoise
Hair: in first 2 photos: [ploom] Jasper 2 (Streaked)
        in last photo (left to right) ::Exile:: Carolyn:Frost, ::Exile:: Camille:Raven, [Blacks] DeeDee onmarketplace

Poses: Glitterati Long Hair poses

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