Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Another long day

Miss Phire's Top girl

Miss Phire's girls work long days and even longer nights, so by the time it come to go to sleep they are beat.

So tired

So they strip down to their underthings and take a moment to themselves. Maybe they dream about their future or just contemplate the day that has just passed.

relaxing moment

Whatever it is they are thinking about one thing remains the same, Miss Phire does have the prettiest girls in all the west.

pretty little thing


Dress: Schadenfreude Hazel DeVere with included Ivory underthings at Etheria
Jewelry: Lolapop! Cosette Pearl Set (black) at Etheria
Brooch:Lolapop! Cosette Brooch (group gift)
Boots: lassitude & ennui Miss Highland boots black
Hair: Tiny Bird - Love You More - Medium Warm Brown
Skin: *L* Nova - Dusty - Pure - RB
Eyes: Shine Monet Terra
Poses: Glitterati - Model pack 24
Bed: Barcode - Summer Linen Twin Bed

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