Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wintery Ice Fae

Icey Fae

I have a theory, I don't think Jack Frost is a solo act. In fact I am fairly certain he has helpers and I think this ice fae is one of his helpers.


I mean just look at her clothes and face. If she isn't responsible for the ice covered trees that look so magical in the winter time well then I will just have to disagree. One kiss on a window and it would frost over in a splash of ice crystals.


I could even picture her dancing across a pond and it freezing as her delicate toes touch it. In fact if you have ever seen Fantasia there are fairies that do just that (The Waltz of the Flowers if you want to look it up).


Outfit: +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Ice Crystal, Female Outfit
Skin: CRYSTAL xx +Fallen Gods Inc.+ ICE Fae Corruption SB
Hair Garland: *Evie's Closet* Innocence Garland (Silver)
Hair: ::Exile:: Lindsey:Lapis
Eyes: FDM-Alive-Darkwish-M-Medium
Poses: [LAP] Faery Pretty Poses

Yes I have referenced Disney films in my last two posts but hey at least Fantasia is a classic.

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