Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tending to the reindeer

Now everyone seems to think that the elves take care of everything up North but lets be honest they can't do it alone. So they have help and over the past few days we have met a few. Today I will introduce you to Regina, she tends to the reindeer. Now everyone knows Santa has at least eight, well nine if you count Ruldolph, reindeer, but there are more. You see reindeer are just like other animals and they can get sick and injured so Regina takes the time to train replacements.

Regina the  reindeer caregiver

She shares a very special bond with each one, some are even the offspring of the more famous reindeer.

Regina hugs Rudolph

Rudolph is a randy fellow and I guess is making up for lost time because there are a fair few in Regina's care who share his erm...unique traits.

Regina feeds the reindeer

Regina takes such good care of them that they have made her an honorary reindeer and bestowed upon her special antlers. Tomorrow I get a special inside tour from one of Santa's elves!


Shirt: Schadenfreude White Oxford, shirt
Jeans: fri. - Iunno Jeans (Dark Wash)
Lipstick: *L*[Luna]Lip_Cherry
Hair: .ILLUSORY. Hair_Yew (Streaked) – Chocolate (couldn't find it out for sale)
Horns: lassitude & ennui Filigree horns silver
Sweater: PARADISIS Sweet winter (group gift)
Skin:">*L* Luna - Toffee - Cat DB
Eyes: .ID. Classic Eyes v2 – Green
Reindeer: Red Nosed one: Baffle!
Ribboned Antlered one: Scribble

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