Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Care for a little Cheesecake?

pretty lady

Why Hello there my darlings. It is I your intrepid blogger Phire. Don't mind me and my lack of clothing, if you had gorgeous underthings like these you would want the world to see as well. Of course it is hard to see just how fabulous I look in that picture so here how about this....


Now I know what you may be thinking, "But Phire I am from the land of the Anti-Pinks.". Fret not my Anti-Pinkians for there are other colors to be had. How about a lovely Sapphire blue, or possibly and gem like Emerald?


 Not enough you say? Well alright then how about a refreshing bit of wine. No no I don't mean for you to go get some...for goodness sake it's a Tuesday morning (at least where I am, if it's after 5pm where you well then by all means have a glass....after you finish reading).


That is more the wine I had in mind. Now for the details that I know you must have like of say where you can get these and who made these. Well my pretties the answer is You can head to the Vintage Fair and grab these from Coquette! Who or what is a Coquette you may be wondering, well it is the new brand coming soon from CJ Carnot and Roslin Petion (of 5th & Oxford, Savile Row, and Luxuria fame), so keep your eyes peeled for more goodies on the horizon.


Linerie: Coquette - Cheesecake – in Emerald, Wine, Pink and Sapphire at the Vintage Fair
Hair: ::Exile:: Colette:Mystery
Shoes: Ingenue :: Freynii :: Noir
Skin: ::DT:: ::Yri:: V2 CARAMEL
Eyes: .ID. Classic Eyes v2 – Blue
Pose: Diesel Works Cyn
Window Box with pose: Lisp - Frost Window Seat
+5 points if you noticed I am wearing nude stockings in the first picture and black in the rest, it comes with both!

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