Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Yup I totally used my Halloween Plurk name for a blog title. I win at cheese!
Something evil

I think I may have become a little crazed with it being October and all the creepy Halloween vibe. Oh well it works for me, sorta. See I was trying for a creepy vibe with this one, but it came out more cute than I had hoped. I need to work on that.

Phire on fire

At least I look like an innocent little pyro.

Dress: "NINIKO"More Simply Onepiece
Tights: Schadenfreude Rainbow Amortentias at 4.44.444 event
Hair: ::Exile:: Hollie Dae:Marone
Skin: *L* Zan(Lumiel) - Garden
Eyes: .ID. Classic Eyes v2 -Brown at 4.44.444 event
Poses: [LAP]

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