Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mr. Mustache checks out the goods

Mr. Mustache

Mr. Mustache is a pervy old man, and I do mean old. Look at him the only thing left of him are his glorious 'stache and skull. Oh he does wear his dapper hat, he likes to think it makes him more of a gentleman.

Mr. Mustache checks the rack

Would a gentleman truly stare in such an unabashed way at a young thing as she walks by? I think not! And besides.....
Too cute for Mr Mustache!

...I am way to cute for the likes of him!


Eyes: .ID. Classic Eyes v2 -Brown at 4.44.444 event
Glasses: .:*December*:. Glasses No.69 at 4.44.444 event
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Chloe Hair - Crystal pink at 4.44.444 event
Necklace: lassitude & ennui Scribble necklace at 4.44.444 event
Skirt and Sweater: :::Sn@tch Autumn Papillon::: at 4.44.444 event
Halter: :::Sn@tch Papillon Paisley Halters::: at 4.44.444 event

Mr Mustache : MIASNOW Home - SKULL Mustache Man at Halloween Bizzare event
Table: MIASNOW Home - Table Round PARLOR ~Fall at Halloween Bizzare event
Skin: ROZENA ~Risa(freckle)
Ears: Illusions *~*Fairy Ear: Naturals
Tail: (pera) Tied Uni Tail (Small)

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